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Whether it is a handful of ad hoc repairs or an annuity based contract for a large estate, PLM can find a solution for every challenge. We can offer contracted turnaround times of between 3-5 days and also offer loop stock for advanced exchange to keep your business running. Ad hoc repairs are turned around between 5-7 days and PLM carries a vast amount of stock on both EPoS and hand held terminals and parts, so set up times are usually very minimal for most products. Throughout every step of the process, PLM will assign an account manager to offer any support that is required.

Businesses from verticals and sectors can be making serious savings right now simply by opting to repair and maintain existing hardware instead of purchasing costly new barcode & EPoS equipment.

It’s an important move for companies to consider, especially those that are dependent on large amounts of hardware. Newer doesn’t always mean better, and hardware maintenance can extend the life of expensive specialist equipment without hitting budgets hard.

We’re experts in extending the lifecycle of barcode and EPoS hardware at PLM Global, with our proficiencies extending to Symbol maintenance, Zebra maintenance, Motorola maintenance and more.

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Symbol / Motorola is one of the most prolific and popular professional hardware providers on an international level. Their prices for new hardware reflect that status; Symbol maintenance not only extends the life of its products, but can also improve business efficiency and reduce product downtime in real-world situations.

Zebra’s technology helps make businesses smarter and more connected, helping to increase productivity through its visionary technology. A fault, though, can hit productivity hard, especially if you rely on numerous Zebra products. Our Zebra maintenance service will have you operating again quickly without having to invest in new premium-rate equipment.

Our Symbol maintenance service also extends to Zebra’s handheld equipment; perfect for fixing hardware needed for business tasks on the move. PLM Global is also adept at fixing and maintaining equipment from OEM’s such as Datalogic, Toshiba, Psion, IBM to name but a few. PLM’s goal is always focused on minimum down time, saving you money and extending the lifecycle of your hardware.


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