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Over 50 years of shared experience

At PLM Global there are decades of shared experience between our three founders. That experience at the top has positioned us as specialists in the supply, repair and maintenance of hand held data capture devices, mobile print and Epos hardware.

Growth at speed

Since our formation in 2014, we’ve seen incredible growth in our business and the sectors we work with. As technology moves fast, so do we. We place huge emphasis on continually developing our engineers and support staff with fresh training. Smart employees means smart sourcing and skills.

Who do we work with?

PLM Global supports customers across multiple industry verticals – including Warehousing, Transport & Logistics, Seaports, Healthcare, Retail, Manufacturing and Field Mobility. Not one of those? We’d love to hear from you.

The evolution of innovative products

We’ve seen the evolution of barcode and EPOS solutions and will continue to be at the forefront as businesses digitally transform. We provide the supply, maintainance and support services needed to keep up with change, run more effectively and save money.

Power in strong OEM partnerships

We have a global supply chain of hardware and software partners that run from Aures to Zebra. It’s an extensive, world brand list that immediately inspires trust in optimizing your business, by making it faster, simpler and more agile. If you want to join our list of suppliers, just get in touch.

Aures. Datalogic. Epson. Honeywell. HP. IBM. Intermec. Motorola. Nordic ID. Psion. Star. Toshiba. Unitech. Zebra.

Comprehensive repair facilities

Our business success relies on highly skilled individuals. We have engineers and repair technicians at three sites (Bristol, Nottingham and Birmingham). This provides us with excellent capacity and superior skill levels, improving your customer experience.

The level of technical support we supply makes it easier to build long-lasting relationships. We conduct regular surveys, and in a recent one, customers identified the helpfulness of our staff as one of our main strengths.

Let’s talk costs

There are many ways for us to help you manage your budgets, and for us to exceed your expectations. We’ll give you faster ROI by supplying you with exactly what you need.

Our experienced consultants can guide you through the vast range of rugged mobile products and applications to find the ideal short or long-term solution for your business.

An overview

PLM Global provide you with end-to-end product solutions to help your business save time and money. If you’re buying brand new or 2 nd user equipment we’ll make sure it’s right for your business, no matter the size or needs.

We’ll work with you to face your challenges by offering innovation, competitive pricing and a support service we’re immensely proud of.

Great brand partners, amazing employees and happy customers are all essential to PLM Global’s growth. Join our vast customer network and you’ll see everything we can offer for you to grow.


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