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The MC9090-G is gun grip mobile computer for mobile working and commonly used in logistics and stock movement environments, designed for rigorous use in extreme environments. A choice of two of the most robust operating sysyems in either Windows Mobile 5.0 or CE 5.0 gives great flexibility when it comes to generic or custom applications.


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Motorola Symbol MC9090 maintenance and repair with PLM Global

The Motorola Symbol MC9090 is a fantastic and popular handheld solution for companies that deal with a lot of stock on a daily basis such as warehouses and supermarkets. It’s a popular handheld gun because of its robust nature, allowing users to work through the supply chain without arduously moving equipment.

The Motorola Symbol MC9090 is notoriously shockproof, waterproof and fall-resistant as well as featuring multiple scanning options. As strong as it is, though, it’s not invincible and can still break. Motorola Symbol MC9090 repair with PLM Global can help restore units to their former condition and save businesses from investing in pricey new hardware.

Motorola Symbol MC9090 Maintenance is a cost-effective solution for businesses with numerous units on-site or beyond. The reliability of the MC9090 is its greatest feature, and newer scanning equipment doesn’t always equal a better solution for brands.

An effective Zebra Symbol MC9090 repair can breathe new life into one of the toughest handheld scanning solutions on the market today, allowing it to perform for your business long into the future.

Zebra Symbol MC9090 maintenance with PLM Global can save money for stock-heavy businesses that need the best in barcode scanning solutions without them having to break the bank investing in costly new EPoS equipment.


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