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The MC65 is an enterprise digital assistant that helps to capture and process information whilst on the move and can be used in conjunction with a mobile provider by inserting a SIM card to function as a mobile phone. Desktop-like performance provides instant access to the applications and information back at the office.


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Motorola Symbol MC65 repair and maintenance with PLM Global

The toughness and flexibility of the Motorola Symbol MC65 makes it a winner with mobile workers who want desktop-computer performance in the palm of their hand. Compact and durable, the Motorola Symbol MC65 can quickly and effectively process any type of data on-site while providing strong connections and access to information in the office.

It’s one of the more effective digital assistants out there and can be used with a SIM card, too, pairing it with any mobile provider around and having it function as a mobile phone. The MC65 is incredibly useful for a number of solutions, and it can feel devastating when it breaks.

Instead of investing in a new one, though, Motorola Symbol MC65 repair with PLM Global can restore your equipment to its former glory and bring your digital assistant back to life without having to invest in a new one. Motorola Symbol MC65 maintenance can be more cost-effective for companies, too, than purchasing new equipment.

PLM Global’s Zebra Symbol MC65 maintenance solutions are extremely useful, especially for larger businesses with employees working on dispatch on a regular basis that need their equipment to be working in a reliable way to make sure they get the job done. Contact PLM Global today to find out more about our Zebra Symbol MC65 repair services.


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