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Purchasing any quantity of business IT equipment is always a big deal to the buyer. The investment in hardware must be offset by its value to the running of the business over the equipment’s lifetime, so there are many things to consider before making the final buying decision. 

One of the biggest questions for businesses of all sizes has to be whether to purchase brand new or second user equipment. This decision will usually depend on what the hardware is and its application in your business, how long you expect to be using it for and, of course, your budget.

Buying new equipment has long been considered better in terms of performance, reliability and longevity, but it’s important to dispel the myth that second user IT equipment is always old and faulty. Much of the high quality second user hardware available has not been sold on because it’s outdated or doesn’t function properly, but purely because the original buyer has quickly moved on in their requirements. Purchasing second user equipment from a reliable and experienced supplier means that you have comprehensive after-sales support for peace of mind, along with a warranty. With proper maintenance, such as that offered here at PLM Global, it’s possible to achieve a level of product lifecycle management which means your second user equipment fulfils its purpose for as long as you need it.

Brand new, genuine branded equipment always comes at a premium cost, so many businesses simply find that in order to buy hardware made by the manufacturers they trust, sourcing second user equipment from a trusted supplier, is the most financially viable option. You can still purchase the models that offer the best performance for their given application, but at a fraction of the cost it would be when brand new, meaning that when multiple units are required, significant cost savings can be made.

At PLM Global, we’re dedicated to providing top quality and warrantied second user barcode and EPoS equipment in combination with a high level of service and after-sales support, which can help to make all the difference to your bottom line as your business grows.



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