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The customer has filled their online basket, but next day delivery may or may not arrive promptly – their items arrive, some things need to be sent back. The returns process might be trickier than expected. It’s great when it works well, less so when the experience is disrupted.

Mix and match

There’s no denying that the speed, cost and convenience of e-commerce can turn consumers’ heads, but there’s still an overwhelming need to shop in-store. Customers are choosing to research online, buy in-store or check in-store then order online.

The ghost of retail past

The familiar in-store refrain of “Can I help you?” can now actually be fulfilled with the support of PLM Global. Customers and employees want and need the right technology to marry the hands-on
experience which you get in-store to provide seamless customer experience.

Data Captured

Think smart mirrors, click and collect, handheld POS systems that can find out stock levels and product information without leaving the floor for a half hour wander. There are so many ways beyond cookies on a website to capture data and can make the retail experience as personalised as possible.

Bricks, mortar and cookies

Retail tech, when integrated on/offline is the perfect way to appeal to the different sections of your audience. Targeted ads for mobile or desktop user, emails with sale invites or new collection updates, loyalty card vouchers based on their buying habits, means that when consumers get in store they know what they want!

The changing face of retail

As for retailers, they need to not just be relevant, but to know exactly what innovations are happening and what can be quickly adopted. Take Sainsbury’s recent announcement on reverse vending,
customers are not only bringing a wish list of items; they want social change as well.

Are you ready?

All these factors point to one big question: do you have a digital business transformation strategy? Are you able to keep up with in-store hardware transformation?
Treat your stores as more than a place to shop. They’re places where customers discover and engage with the staff and store, allowing them to enjoy an integrated experience.

Start with the basics

When choosing the right handheld capture device for your business, there are a few key considerations. How much memory space do you need? What operating system might you be upgrading from? Are you ready to refresh your equipment and leave legacy behind.

PLM Global knows what you need

At PLM Global we supply, repair and refurbish 24 different models of handheld data capture devices. We’ll help you find the right one, no matter your sector. Our founding team has over 50 years’ combined experience. We have a worldwide network of hardware suppliers to help improve the efficiency of your day to day operations. Let us find the right tools to help you digitally transform.

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