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Well, as you might expect us to say, there are many reasons to choose PLM Global as your end-to- end supplier of hand held capture devices, mobile print and EPoS hardware, but we like to think that we can summarise them in just three points…


These aren’t just buzz words which we use in our mission statement or sales literature, we take great pride in our reputation and nurture long-term customer relationships. Innovation, Pricing and Support are the areas where our excellence in client service is perhaps most immediately obvious.


Our founders have decades of industry experience and company-wide we have a strong ethos of knowledge, employee development and training of staff at every level in the operation. We use our in-house expertise to ensure that we keep at the forefront of technological innovation globally and this leads us in our approach to product sourcing.

We already have a worldwide supply chain of hardware and software providers but smart sourcing at PLM Global means we stay fully up to date with developments across the world to identify opportunities to harness new innovations in new, 2 nd user and legacy product ranges. Our very rapid uptake of such new technology means that we can pass on the advantages to clients at a much earlier opportunity.

Competitive Pricing

When you come to PLM Global for a total barcode and EPoS solution, you have a wide range of choice. Not just in which one of our many partner brands you choose, but also in how you want to meet your business needs; by outright purchase of new equipment, by refurbishment of existing equipment, through equipment rental – or indeed a mixture of all of these flexible options!

We will not only help you achieve your desired solution within your budget, but we will also look after the longer term costs too. Our comprehensive servicing and maintenance service will ensure that your system remains at peak performance throughout its lifetime, our fast repair facilities across all three of our sites will get your equipment back on line with minimal disruption and our buy-back service at the best market rates means that any redundant equipment can be monetised and re-invested. We even offer a green disposal service for end of life units – the PLM Global  Service truly is end-to-end!


We have already mentioned just some of the unique aspects of the PLM Global service in the previous two sections, but customer support truly is a common thread with runs through every department and shapes everything we do. Our aim is always to form mutually beneficial partnerships with our clients and become their ‘go to’ experts for everything related to mobile data capture, mobile print and EPoS hardware.

To ensure that we deserve this status we need to maintain our knowledge of new developments, stay curious to new innovation and continue smart sourcing to guarantee competitiveness and value. But we also need to ensure that our stock levels, servicing capacity and turnaround times are good and that our interactions and communications with customers are always positive. To  ensure that we stay top of the class on every single one of these aspects of support we regularly gather feedback from clients – and we are pleased to say that to date the comments we have received suggest that our high levels of service and support are both recognised and appreciated!

If you would like to take a closer look at what makes PLM Global the choice of partner for many then visit here or simply get in touch so speak to one of the staff recognised by our clients for their  helpfulness via https://www.plm-global.co.uk/contact/


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