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Here at PLM Global we currently supply, repair and refurbish 24 different models of handheld data capture devices. But how do you know which handheld device is the right
one for your business? Well our team combined has over 50 years’ experience in dealing with this type of hardware, so below we have highlighted what you should be looking for in
order to improve the efficiency of your day to day operations.


Obviously, this is one of the most important aspects of buying a handheld device. You need to consider what you are using the device for. Are you wanting to reduce paperwork? Then
a device with a smaller memory is fine to use. However, if you’re using it in a warehouse for data storage then you will require a much large memory space. Many manufacturers of
handheld devices will produce external memory resources if needed.

Operating System

Although there are many different types of handheld devices available, with Windows mobile platforms being abandoned by OEMs due to Microsoft ending all support from next
year, new equipment is almost exclusively manufactured with Android as the favoured operating system. So, if you have hardware running on Windows OS variants, now might be
a good time to consider a plan B. Android devices have grown in popularity with many preferring their easier to use features, customisation options and the range of terminals
available. One thing to note here, is that Android regularly has version changes, so it’s good to discuss this whilst selecting hardware, as it can have impacts on software applications in
the future if you are working in a fast paced environment that requires constant change and upgrades.

Barcode Scanning Capabilities & RIFD

Do your current handheld devices have these? Well it’s something you should definitely consider! If you’re entering data manually then it leaves room for mistakes and potentially
fraud. By using barcode scanners and RFID readers you will reduce chances of theft because it adds products to your system as soon as they arrive.

Interchangeable Mounting Systems

Check if your device is compatible with interchangeable mounting systems! If your device is connected to a forklift or other vehicle it can seem very convenient. However, have you
thought of the consequences of what will happen if that device breaks? You will just have a piece of technology taking up unnecessary space. If you use an interchangeable mount, then it means your device can be removed with ease. This will help keep costs down as you will be purchasing fewer devices.

How PLM Global can help you

In the UK we have three operations centres, these are located in Nottingham, Birmingham and Bristol, which makes us extremely accessible for our clients. Some of the largest companies in the world rely on legacy equipment, we focus on providing quality products and services to keep businesses moving. We are capable of repairing up to 99% of handheld terminals that are at the ‘end of service life’ extending their life until you are ready for a refresh.


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