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Today’s connected consumer expects a lot from retailers, perhaps without actually knowing it.

Click & collect, next day delivery, instant stock availability checks, and many of the other services which have rapidly become ‘standard expectations’, create a whole new series of pressures on a retail business, demanding real-time visibility across all areas of operation.

Every retailer, regardless of size, wants to provide excellent customer service. Meeting the demands of a market who have fast become accustomed to seamless integration of the physical and on-line shopping experience is essential. In many cases you only get one chance to impress, and the fluidity of customer loyalty means that only a few instances of finding an item ‘out of stock’ are generally enough for someone to take their future business elsewhere.

Of course, high levels of customer satisfaction cannot be provided at any cost and therefore the retailers need to adopt fast, reliable, accurate and cost-effective processes to meet consumer demands, whilst also finding ways to keep a tight control on operational costs and protect profitability. An impossible task? Not with the adoption of a PLM Global automated data collection and mobile computing hardware.

As you would expect of a company with our experience and expertise, we can provide every element of EPoS hardware that your business might need, be it smart devices, barcode scanners, personal digital assistants (PDAs), mobile computers or printers. When combined with our associated software models you have, from PLM Global, a total retail solution which will streamline the entire process from warehouse to point of sale, whilst meeting the financial and performance goals demanded in today’s tough trading environment.

So, here are just a few examples of the many ways in which retailers can effectively utilise our mobile devices and the capture of barcode data to transform and manage their operation:-

  1. Seamless stock replenishment – with instore staff able to scan low stock products and empty fixtures and ensure that gaps are addressed immediately.
  2. Recording of location and availability of specific items – to fulfil on-line and click & collect customer requirements.
  3. Instantaneous customer assistance – with mobile data capture solutions enabling the immediate provision of product, price and promotional information.
  4. Accurate inventory management – reducing the risk of manual error and providing reliable records of products within the distribution chain and their real-time availability.
  5. Rapid product tracking – precisely recording an item’s location at any point within the supply and chain so that consumers need never be in doubt about delivery times.

Whilst by no means an exhaustive list (and not even including the many benefits of data analytics – a blog post perhaps for another time), this gives a flavour for exactly how we are helping retailers to adapt to changing times and to meet the high expectations of today’s savvy consumer.

As providers of mobile enterprise systems and creators of retail solutions, PLM Global have the hardware, software and experience to make the streamlining of your operation a reality.
So, whether you are looking for: –

  • Higher productivity
  • Smoother transactions
  • Greater reliability
  • Reduction of manual error
  • Lower integration costs
  • Tighter stock control

Contact us today to start your own seamless mobile data capture journey.


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