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In a services bulletin to PLM Global, Zebra Technologies has confirmed that the Motorola MC9090-G industrial class mobile computer will reach EOSL (End Of Service Life) later this year.

The manufacturer will no longer repair the unit after this time should commercial entities and users experience faults with their MC9090-G.

A firm favourite with mobile workers for years thanks to the unit’s flexibility and reliability, particularly for those that work in extreme environments thanks to the MC9090-G’s rugged design.

The unit’s technology was also a factor in its popularity, with the MC9090-G’s Intel XScale PXA270 processor helping to support complex multimedia applications such as image scanning and real-time data capture solutions.

Its pistol grip helped to reduce worker fatigue during scan-intensive tasks, while companies delighted in its always-on connection that helped increase productivity.

The MC9090-G was and still is a particular favourite with supermarket workers and others who work in cold storage thanks to its operating temperatures of -20° to 50° C.

Its tumble spec of 2,000 one-meter tumbles (at room temperature) and impressive drop specs also made it a worthy investment for companies that wanted a tough long-term mobile scanning solution.

Despite Motorola announcing the end of service of the MC9090-G, users and commercial enterprises that have single units or a fleet of MC9090-G’s at their disposal can still enjoy the benefits of the technology by contacting PLM Global whenever a problem arises.

PLM Global is able to repair MC9090-G units and mobile terminals from other manufacturers long after they’ve reached the end of their official service life. Extending the life of units due to a fault can be far more cost-effective for enterprises than investing in new mobile hardware.


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