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We’re big fans of Zebra at PLM Global. Their commitment to building unique technology has been essential for business’s growth across the world, connecting different departments with each other to provide greater visibility, collect better data, make staff on the ground’s jobs easier and more.

Zebra is a company that’s also hugely committed to mobile research and development, especially when it comes to providing security for its terminals on top of the normal protection offered by each device’s operating system (including Android).

Zebra’s recent white paper on clinical mobility solutions highlights this perfectly; underlining how each system’s capabilities need to be intricately entwined with existing systems, workflows, protocols, communication channels and more for instance.

With such a diverse range of terminals and tools, too, Zebra’s able to provide numerous practical and effective technological solutions for any and every commercial task. It’s essential to choose the right tool for your needs though, and we’re delighted to expand our Zebra range with the:

  • Zebra ZD420 – The ZD420 is an easy-to-use four-inch thermal printer, a great option for those that have to deploy and dispatch items consistently. Not only is it a small, efficient high-quality printer, it’s also incredibly flexible and takes total cost of ownership (TCO) to another level view product
  • Zebra ZD620 – Larger than the ZD420 and following on from the successful GX Series is the ZD620, a desktop printer packed to the brim with features including great connectivity options and faster wireless connections, field-installable connectivity and more, with all your printers able to be managed from the cloud for added simplicity view product
  • Zebra WT6000 – The WT6000 sets the standard when it comes to wearables. Small, light and coming with an Android operating system, the WT6000 is able to fit on the arm of any worker thanks to its new mounting system. Its design also helps the WT6000 withstand the toughest working conditions, too view product
  • Zebra ET50/55 – Also suitable for almost any working environment are the ET50/55 tablets from Zebra. Especially useful for those in retail, warehouse positions or delivering goods on the field, these tablets are a fantastic enterprise-level solution for tracking items, entering data and much more besides view product
  • Zebra TC8000 – Zebra’s handheld TC8000 models are a fantastic solution to make workers’ lives that little bit easier and speed up productivity at the same time. A feature-loaded mobile computer, the TC8000 is perfect for retail and warehouse applications, adding an extra hour of productivity to the overall working day view product

Not only do we have some incredible new stock constantly coming into PLM Global, but we also offer a refurbishment service to help companies get the absolute most from their mobile terminals and other tech that’s essential to the success of their business.

No one business is ever the same; each one has different needs and defines different parameters for success. That’s why we’re able to offer new and refurbished equipment in equal measure, to find the absolute best piece of equipment for a company and its workers to boost productivity and help them grow.


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