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All good things must come to an end. And, it helps to know in advance so you can plan ahead and avoid disruption.

Keep calm and carry on

Businesses know that updates for Windows Embedded CE6.0 devices ended last June. However, full support is being withdrawn, including the 6.5 version from Jan 2020. End of life for Windows support, but not end of life for your devices. So, what next?

You can keep calm and carry on if your devices are working and no major system upgrades planned. This specifically relevant for users in warehousing and manufacturing who work within 4 walls transmitting data via Wi-Fi, as the user won’t be going on the internet or accessing email through their device, it means security risks are low. But you’ll have to eventually consider other options.

Time to migrate

With patch support finishing in January 2020 for CE and EOL in WEH handhelds, it’s a good time to think about migrating to the increasingly dominant Android OS. Rugged hardware manufacturers are adopting Android including Zebra who have already fully committed in 2011. It’s time to consider what the new and improved features of these systems can bring to your business.

Questions to ask

If you’re considering migration, there are some questions to ask. Have you considered the cost of migration? Will it be disruptive? There are millions of legacy devices still running Windows. How long before you eventually switch?

Life after Windows

There’s life after Windows. There are a lot of options and questions to be considered, we can help provide the answers for you.

We have migrated Windows CE OS using different terminal emulations to a Zebra Android device. For instance, Zebra hardware is running the Androids Nougat OS, we have used Ivanti’s terminal emulation application called Velocity to support the interfacing of programs.

However, if you want to extend the lifecycle of your installed base of ruggedised terminals, we can help!

2020 or now?

We can provide the right solution to help your business save time and money. We offer innovation, competitive pricing and a support service we’re immensely proud of. So, if it’s OS end of life needs, hardware upgrades or more, contact us and start a conversation that could change your business.


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