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It’s common knowledge that Microsoft is ending its support for Windows Mobile in 2020 – which is scarily close. We at PLM Global remember this date being used in films when referencing the future and here we almost are. But instead of getting about our daily routines on hoverboards and teleporting to each department, we are here to talk about the change of operating systems from Windows based to Android. But just like the flying cars, we can wait a little longer…

Migrating to Android on your devices is indeed the future however, PLM Global can support you in keeping your legacy equipment in the field for longer, therefore allowing the change to Android to be a smooth process, at a time that suits your business needs and requirements.

Businesses are being advised to upgrade now! But we are here to help you sweat the asset.

Sweating the Asset

With budgets tighter than ever before, businesses are under pressure to keep costs down, but still keep up with technology. Upgrading hardware and systems can be a time consuming and costly process both in terms of price and training your personnel to work correctly with the new set up.

PLM Global will work with you to demonstrate new equipment before installing, allowing your business to find a set up that is right for your needs and at a time that suits you, which allows you to maximise the capabilities of your current systems and fully utilise the current skills of your personnel.

To reassure we can support your legacy equipment, the whole team at PLM from Sales staff, Admin, Technicians and Higher Management, are keeping up to date by working with the manufacturers in our industry. In the last 12 months we have supplied and supported 13 of the major manufacturers equipment and completed 6,747 repairs in the same time period. This allows our team to be experts in the field and can provide support for as long as you require it.

The main reason other businesses are changing to Android is because of the data breach risk. This is due to the fact security updates will not continue on Windows Mobile devices, of course this is a concern for all with many stories in the news about large corporations being hacked. However using an MDM – (Mobile Device Management) software program that allows IT administrators to control, secure and enforce policies on devices managing what personnel can and can’t use as well as identifying and managing file sync and share. The intent of MDM is to optimise the functionality and security of mobile devices within the enterprise while simultaneously protecting the corporate network.

Please contact us at PLM Global to discuss the best suited MDM for your device and more information but here we list the most common features an MDM offers:

  • Device inventory and tracking
  • App distribution
  • Remote wipe
  • Password enforcement
  • App whitelisting and blacklisting
  • Data encryption enforcement

Inevitable switch to Android

Eventually it is likely your business will switch to an Android operated device. With the above in mind it is not the necessary rush many have been informed it is, but Android does come with its benefits.

Android is the most used mobile operating system. It is used by over a billion people. It is also the fastest growing operating system. This means it’s highly likely that a high percentage of your personnel have experience using this operating system.

Users can do lots of tasks at once, open several applications at one time and manage them all too. Android has great user interface which makes it easy for users to multitask.

However, the switch to Android will come down to security and compatibility, with Android devices you will:

  • Receive security updates
  • Reduce risk of data breach
  • Access to new compatible apps

When you are ready PLM Global will help you plan your smooth transition to future-proof your hardware to a secure, flexible and reliable platform.

Working together we can carry out an in-depth assessment of your working environment and business requirements allowing us to create a clear roadmap that will lead to a successful roll out of Android seamlessly into your business.

We are continuously learning here at PLM Global and are always happy to share thoughts, ideas and feedback on this, so please contact us for a discussion.


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