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Product Features

The Motorola WT41N0 series of wearable terminals along with ring type scanners or voice headsets are used predominantly in stock picking environments. The WT41N0 is a robust device that has an excellent screen enabling user readability in all lighting environments and has 1D and 2D capability.


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Motorola Symbol WT41N0 repair and maintenance with PLM Global

Wearable terminals are becoming more prevalent in the workplace. Though expensive, units such as the Motorola Symbol WT41N0 are able to boast ring scanners and headsets to communicate with wrist terminals by voice.

The WT41N0 is perfect for people that work with lots of stock in warehouses as it allows them to be more efficient in collecting data, negating the need to carry mountains of paperwork with them or larger, older scanning models with them around the working environment. The ring scanning aspect makes the technology especially useful when handling multiple items at distribution centres.

However futuristic the equipment may look it doesn’t make it infallible. Motorola Symbol WT41N0 repair is a cost-effective solution for businesses that don’t want to spend thousands on new equipment when the wearable may need a small adjustment to get back to working order. It may be time to look into professional Motorola Symbol WT41N0 maintenance.

As well as potentially saving thousands from the budget, Zebra Symbol WT41N0 maintenance with PLM Global can also offer a speedy resolution, with our specialist technicians extremely qualified in repairing and handling mobile scanning equipment including wearables. PLM Global is also able to issue warranties and spare parts when it comes to a professional Zebra Symbol WT41N0 repair.