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Product Features

The WT4090 is a wrist mount device for capturing, reading and viewing information predominantly used in stock environments. In addition to using the ring scanner, it can also be used in conjunction with a headset for voice based picking application.

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Motorola Symbol WT4090 maintenance and repair with PLM Global

The Motorola Symbol WT4090 doesn’t just look like one of the more futuristic data capture devices on the market, but also acts like it, too. A wearable data terminal, the Symbol WT4090 is a wrist-mounted device that makes stock reading and data collection in stock environments and warehouses easier than ever before.

The model features voice communications with its included headset and also features a ring scanner. The WT4090 eliminates the need for employees to carry around clunky scanners, and negates the need to constantly get smaller ones from their pockets continually on the job.

Such advanced equipment doesn’t come without a hefty price tag, though, and it can be expensive to kit out numerous employees in the company every time the WT4090 breaks. Consider Motorola Symbol WT4090 maintenance; Motorola Symbol WT4090 repair with PLM Global can help get your equipment back online in a quick and cost-effective manner for your business.

Zebra Symbol WT4090 maintenance through our experienced team will get your equipment back online and working as it was with minimal disruption to your business. Zebra Symbol WT4090 repair with PLM Global can refurbish or rebuild the unit depending on the fault and have it back on your employees’ wrists as quickly as possible.