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Product Features

The Motorola MC9190-G is a rugged gun style mobile computer that can be used even in temperature controlled and extreme environments. With options for 1D and 2D scanning at short and long range along with multiple keypad options, users can pinpoint what is right for their application.

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Motorola Symbol MC9190 maintenance and repair with PLM Global

It can be hard enough for people to stand extreme environments without their equipment failing to take the heat, too. The Motorola Symbol MC9190 is one of the most popular handheld scanners for businesses that work in extreme temperatures, whether it’s a sub-zero food storage warehouse or in incredibly hot temperatures.

The unit is a gun-style computer that can bear the absolute worst conditions while capturing virtually any barcode available, even damaged labels that have been struck adversely by the weather. As well as its environmental durability, the MC9190 has fast processing power complemented by compatibility with existing MC9000 series technology.

Motorola Symbol MC9190 repair, though, is there for when the unthinkable happens to your units. Though highly dependable, they’re not infallible, and a fault can drive businesses into buying expensive new equipment as a replacement solution. Motorola Symbol MC9190 maintenance can negate that cost.

Zebra Symbol MC9190 maintenance can be more affordable than purchasing new equipment. It’s rare such units are totally beyond repair; if it’s working but just needs an adjustment or fix to get the unit working again Zebra Symbol MC9190 repair can be a more cost-effective solution for companies with large numbers of barcode scanning equipment in their fleet.