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The Motorola MC55 / MC55A0 Series Enterprise Digital assistants, are very prominent in the ‘man with a van’ delivery arena, with many leading couriers using them as the lynch pin to get parcels delivered and processing POD data in real time. The robust, shock and splash proof design gives users the peace of mind that the device will stand up to the job in hand and give them the reliability to prove a really good return on investment.

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Motorola Symbol MC55 repair and maintenance with PLM Global

The Motorola Symbol MC55 is a favourite with companies that have a fleet of delivery drivers who are on the road all day and need to collect specific sets of data. The unit is almost like a mobile phone in a lot of ways and has features including a barcode scanner, digital camera and two-way radio.

The MC55 is also a favourite because of its compact size and its durability. The unit has a splash- and shockproof design which is especially useful for couriers on-the- go that may drop or accidentally damage the MC55.

Accidents happen, though, and it can be expensive for companies to invest in large quantities of units if they have a big fleet. Consider Motorola Symbol MC55 maintenance; Motorola Symbol MC55 repair is an effective way for companies to extend the life of their MC55 units, acting as a more cost-effective and affordable solution than buying new scanning equipment.

Zebra Symbol MC55 maintenance with PLM Global can get your MC55 units up and running again in a short space of time, impacting your operations as little as possible. As a portable solution, few barcode scanning systems come close to the MC55, and Zebra Symbol MC55 repair can keep it by your couriers’ sides for longer than you may have thought possible.