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Product Features

The Motorola MC3190 series comes in gun, rotating head and straight formats, and features advanced computing power and rugged cost effective anytime mobility to key-based applications within the four walls.

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Motorola Symbol MC3190 repair and maintenance

The Motorola Symbol MC3190 is a handheld powerhouse that offers backward compatibility with other MC3000 accessories, Bluetooth connectivity and provides impressive data capture capabilities. The model is easy to use and also has remarkable motion-sensing features making it a formidable portable scanner for on-the- job situations.

The model’s ease of use makes it a favourite for numerous physical applications across a number of industries, especially for those upgrading from the MC3000. If it fails or breaks, then PLM Global’s Motorola Symbol MC3190 repair services are more affordable than investing in new barcode and EPoS equipment, especially if you have a number of units that need repairing.

The Motorola Symbol MC3190 can cost thousands from new, which isn’t ideal for companies that need a number of devices to fulfil their daily tasks. Motorola Symbol MC3190 maintenance with PLM Global has helped breathe new life into units that need to be repaired.

Zebra Symbol MC3190 repair with PLM Global can be a more cost-effective long-term solution for companies than investing in new units. The Motorola Symbol MC3190 already features incredible processing power and unique technological innovations that set it apart from other handheld units. Zebra Symbol MC3190 maintenance can add years to the lifespan of your handheld units.